Nack Theater

Think back. Way back. To a time when creativity was encouraged in your life. As kids, art was always a part of your daily school routine. Dreaming of your future was encouraged. And all for good reason. Creativity celebrates self-expression, new ways of thinking and even supports problem solving. At Nack Development, we never forgot about that. We dream big and then execute on that creativity to encourage and energize a greater good. And that’s why Nack Development has plans to culture that vision from the very start with a New Performing Arts Center called, Nack Theater. In the coming years, it will become home to our newest generation of creative thinkers at the North Texas Performing Arts’ Frisco Youth Theater. The new theater will have a concession area in the lobby and 200 seats available for guests. On the outside, it will feature “throwback architecture,” to make it look like a historical community theater. An entertainment destination that will soon be available in Frisco, Nack Theater also will be hosting improv and comedy nights and even a dinner theater for the perfect date night out.

  • Home to North Texas Performing Arts Frisco Youth Theater
  • Lobby Area Concessions
  • 200-Seat Capacity